Emerald Rue

Hi! My name is Jen Martodam.

I’m an observer, a dreamer, a seeker of light and a lover of the Earth. I long to know the story behind most everything I encounter. I love to listen. There’s an invisible pull I feel toward creating.

I live just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota, with my dog Zoey. Loves of mine include being an auntie, nature, mountains, travel and Wheel of Fortune.

I make family films because I’m a sucker for nostalgia.  Old home movies from childhood are gold to me. Watching my parents interact with my siblings & I and viewing myself as a child floods my soul with sentiment.

My favorites are from Christmases, when we’d bundle up and head to my grandparents house to celebrate. Two of my grandparents have since passed but hearing their voices and seeing their smiles in home videos is a comfort. These links to the past are treasures that I’m grateful to own.

I began photographing in 2007 and ran a successful wedding photography business for 8 years before transitioning to lifestyle films and photographs. I’m also a former elementary school teacher who now teaches DSLR photography.

Emerald Rue is all about serving others with heartfelt imagery, films and valuable content. It’s about gifting nostalgia to others.