Branding Photo Mini-Sessions | Flagstaff, AZ | High Country Motor Lounge

The answer to a stale web presence is here…tell your story with professional photos of YOU!

People are WIRED to value imagery.

Human nature tells our brains to notice, learn from, and respond emotionally to images, especially images with faces.  People may not take your business seriously because your website and social media don’t include professional images of YOU.

It’s time to update if:

  • you have never had a professional photo of yourself taken for your business.
  • the current pictures you use are years old.
  • you’re rebranding.
  • the images shown on your social media never include your face.
  • a headshot may be needed for press or LinkedIn.
  • you use low-quality or cell phone images – this could be hurting your web presence!

As you know, professional photos help establish you as a reputable business. Personal branding images help you build the know, like & trust factor with potential clients.

Check out the entrepreneurs below to see what I mean.

Megs Pulvermacher’s podcast, Out, What Now?! , dives into the challenges and changes that come with life beyond coming out. Her brand and personality are all about being happy, confident, and your authentic self, just as you are. We worked together to create a set of images for her site and social media that convey those feelings.

Alisha Hanson & Ashley Bradbury of Build Your Roots HR wanted personal branding images that conveyed their light-hearted personalities while maintaining professional credibility. They wanted to let their potential clients know they would work hard while also being their true selves.

So let’s solve that problem with a personal branding mini-session that’ll leave you with consistent, powerful images! What are the details? Glad you asked.

Branding Photo Mini-Sessions

——- A Limited, One-time Offer ——-

——- Brought to you by Jen Martodam & Lauren Conati, Flagstaff photographers ——-

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

15 minute time slots from 12 PM – 4 PM

High-Country Motor Lodge

What You’ll Get:
* A 15-minute mini-session

* 5 high-resolution digital images (option to purchase additional images)
* Multiple outfits (optional)
* Beautiful, colorful environment
* Quick pre-session phone call to convey your brand message to the photographers (optional)
* Networking with other entrepreneurs/individuals
* Options to purchase an additional off-site session and additional digital images

Can’t make May 23rd work? No problem! Let’s build your brand film experience for a different day in May! Contact Jen to inquire.

A professional branding images session usually cost $700+.

As part of this one-time offer, you can get yours for

just $249

Plus, book by May 5 and receive 3 additional digital images! (a $45 value)


Schedule a no-obligation call to discuss your vision & see if this amazing offer is a fit for you.

If you’re ready, hit the button below to lock in the deal.

I’m Ready – Let’s Go!

Check out High Country Motor Lodge...

Sounds great…BUT…

In today’s world, you must stand out to be noticed. Never before has imagery been more relevant than now, with the rise of apps like Instagram & TikTok. Those apps are a fantastic way to gather a following of potential clients.

When it’s time to convert those followers into clients, it’s necessary to have a website that showcases YOU and gives consumers a place to buy. In order to maintain credibility, you need professional photography.

Rise above your competition. Be the one who stands out.

Wrong! I strongly believe everyone is photogenic with a little confidence and the right photographer. I am a pro at getting people to feel comfortable in front of the camera and you’ll be surprised by how easy the process is.

After we meet and take a few images, you’ll feel yourself loosen and your confidence will shine! In order to succeed, we must get a little uncomfortable at times.

The first session will begin promptly at 12:00 pm on Tuesday, May 23 and the last will end at 4 pm. Choose a 15-minute time slot that works for you within those hours. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early.

You’ll have a chance to purchase delicious refreshments from the General Store at High Country Motor Lodge and network with the other entrepreneurs after you take your images. Bring your computer and stay to do some work if you’d like!

Not a problem! Schedule a call with Jen to determine if a separate photo session at a different location would be more beneficial for you. (Cost may vary depending on your needs).


You may purchase a time at High Country Motor Lodge on May 23 and add 15 minutes of photographing time at the location of your choice on a different date in May 2023 for an additional $249.

Of course! Just have them show up at your scheduled time slot. They will be required to sign a model release upon arrival.

You may also purchase two time slots back to back to allow for additional time and extra included images. Sessions are 15 minutes and will include 20 edited proofs. From those 20, you’ll choose the 5 images included in the package (or 8 if you book by May 1), whether they are of you or with a team.

The accrued value of the experience is $700+.

As part of this limited, one-time offer, you’ll get a 15-minute session and 5 hi-res digital images for the low price of $249. You can snag an additional 3 FREE digital images by booking before May 5. Option to purchase more digital images is also available after the shoot for $15/image.

Add-on 15 additional minutes at a separate location in May 2023 for $249. This additional session also includes 5 digital images.

Included items on May 23:
A pre-session phone consultation with Jen (optional)
15 minute, individual mini-session
Networking time with other entrepreneurs
5 digital images

Yes! Please bring any props that will help with your branding. Common props include any physical items you sell, a computer, a phone, a clipboard or journal, etc.

Wearing your brand colors helps create a cohesive feel across your platforms. Dress as you normally would or go professional if you dress that way with clients. Do hair and make-up as you would for a professional event.

Allow us to introduce ourselves.

I’m Jen, a filmmaker & photographer in Flagstaff, AZ. I believe we are all creative and it’s an essential part of being a human being.

Storytelling is at the core of who I am. Ever since I was little, stories have entranced me. I’m an avid reader, a podcast addict and also write stories for fun in my free time.

With small businesses, I tell the story of a brand and the people behind the brand so potential clients can get to know, like and trust. I’d love to help you tell your story in a way that aligns with your values, your vision and YOU.

I’m Lauren Conoti, the owner and CEO (Chief Empowering Officer) of Boudoir By LC.

I specialize in showing women how beautiful they are through intimate portraiture. When I’m not shooting boudoir, I also photograph seniors, influencers, engagements, & weddings.

Eight Benefits to Having Professional Images

  1. Quickly deliver your message and show your face on your social channels.
  2. Search engines love images. Improve website SEO by adding targeted keywords in the photo tags, title and description.
  3. Engage visitors and keep them on your website longer, exposing them to your value propositions and calls to action.
  4. Give your company a personality. Show the unique pizazz you harbor through visual means.
  5. Increase your know/like/trust factor by letting potential clients see you and make eye-contact.
  6. Increase your reach by posting your photos to LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, IG and more!
  7. High-quality images can result in higher conversions.
  8. It’s a tax write-off!

Let’s Do This!!