Family Film Special Offer

So you can remember life as is...

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Holiday Friday Family Film Offer 2022

There are 5 Emerald Everyday sessions up for grabs at a very special price! Family films are only on sale ONCE a year, so if you’ve been thinking about it, now’s your time!

Being the first to book means you’ll get a better deal.

MN Families: Sessions must be redeemed between June & September 2023.
AZ Families: Sessions must be redeemed between January & May 2023. (See Fine Print for full terms & conditions)

Here’s how it works…

The first booking receives $500 off (Claimed!)

The second booking receives $400 off (Claimed)

The third booking receives $300 off ($1,297 total)

The fourth booking receives $200 off ($1,397 total)

The fifth booking receives $100 off ($1,497 total)

What’s included?

Emerald Everyday Session

Up to 2 hour session, film & photos

In-home or at location of choice

35 digital images*

2-3 minute final film

$250 Artwork Credit

A $1597 Value


  • There are exactly five sessions available at the Holiday family film special price, each discount decreasing as the films are purchased, as listed above. Amount off depends on the order purchased, starting with $500 off.
  • Sessions purchased during the Holiday family film promotion must be completed between June and September 2023 for families in Minnesota & surrounding. For families in Arizona & surrounding, films must be completed between January and May of 2023.  Failure to do so will result in forfeit of discount and client agrees to pay the full amount of $1597 total.
  • Upon booking, a $400 deposit is required to reserve the booking. Remainder is due one week prior to session date. Payment plans available upon request.
  • Emerald Everyday sessions include 35 digital images. A password protected online gallery will be live for one week once digital proofs are available. Clients must choose their favorites within the one week period or may be subject to additional fee. All chosen images will be fully edited & touched up.  Additional digitals may be purchased via artwork credits.
  • Jen will reach out shortly after booking to plan potential session dates and with additional details.
  • For more information on Family Films, see Emerald Rue’s Session Guide.
Family walks to lake to swim.
Boy thrown in air in lake at sunset. Black Friday family film.

To Book and Receive a Holiday Family Film:

Click through the buttons below, starting with $500 off. A calendar will appear with a time frame on Saturday, December 31. If no time frame exists, this means the corresponding amount has already been claimed. Continue to the next until you find a calendar that shows a time frame available to book.

Enter your information to snag the corresponding promotion. December 31 at the time listed is not the date of the session, simply a placeholder to show that the option is still available. You and Jen will communicate at a later time to find a date for your session.

Once you’ve entered your information and the confirmation message has shown, please allow up to 12 hours for an email confirmation from Jen with a contract and deposit payment.

Please contact Jen at jen@emeraldrue.com with questions.