How to Manage Emails | Tips to Unsubscribe & Prioritize

  • Mar 26, 2019

How to Manage Emails

You know those people who have a notification for 1,920 unread emails in their inbox? Is it just me, or does that give you anxiety? Here, find tips for how to manage emails and find inbox peace.


First, organize. Go to unroll.me to find a list of all the emails you’re currently subscribed. The site helps you unsubscribe as well as package all remaining subscriptions into a ONE tidy email per day. Do yourself a favor and Marie Kondo your inbox!


Next, time block. Set aside 15-30 minutes dedicated to sifting through the information of chosen subscribed emails. Going through them as they come in is distracting and wastes time. File the ones that serve you and delete the ones that do not.


Lastly, save for later. I have a folder in my inbox dedicated to non-urgent emails that I’d like to return to. Next time you’re in the waiting room of the dentist or in the school carpool wait line, head to that folder!

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