Emerald Rue

Is There a Meaning Behind Emerald Rue?

  • Apr 16, 2018

Emerald Rue Films Logo

The short answer is yes….

I wanted the brand name to be something other than my first or last so I went to work combining words until I came upon green path. Green because not only is it my favorite color but nature/grass/trees/summer makes me think of green. Path because I was on a new path and it also spoke to my love of hiking/woods/nature.

Green Path Photography doesn’t evoke the feeling I was striving for. Emerald has long been a gorgeous color in my book and wouldn’t you know it, is a shade of green! Rue in French translates to street or pathway. BOOM. It sounded light, playful and evoked the emotion that I was searching for.

If you want the long answer, keep reading…

In November 2017, I attended the Wildflowers Workshop in Nashville put on by the talented and lovely Joy Prouty. The workshop was not only about taking photos, it was about taking a look at life, analyzing happiness, finding out deeper who we are as humans. It was full of the tough questions and lots of sharing of our life stories and I really walked away from it changed.

During the workshop, I decided it was time for a change in my personal life, in the relationships I kept and in my career path. Some very hard decisions were made that led to a few rough months of life, but the one joyful decision that came out of it was the choice to forgo marketing myself as a wedding photographer and begin a journey into lifestyle films & photography.

I want to create films and images that evoke emotion when viewed. I admire, so much, photographers that can capture emotion so flawlessly and I see it as a new challenge.

On the airplane ride home from the workshop, I envisioned a brand that really encompassed who I was and would attract clients who understood my mission. I began to jot down all the words that spoke to my soul and that when I thought of them, made me feel peace – mountains, streams and rivers, lakes, green grass, nature, paths, outdoor activities, sunshine – on and on I went until I could think of no more words.

Cue, the discovery of green path, leading to Emerald Rue. There you have it!