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Love Letters to Mom | Mother’s Day Films

  • Apr 3, 2019

*Promotion has expired*

Picture this:

You wake up on Mother’s Day morning to an email from Emerald Rue containing a film which holds priceless content. It’s your kids, telling you why they love you and sharing their best memories of your time together. Paired with footage of your family interacting and beautiful music, it instantly becomes your most treasured Mother’s Day gift.

Love Letters to Mom films are being offered through the month of April!


30 minutes of filming family together time
Interviews with each child individually (5 or so minutes/child)
Group interview with all children present
1 full resolution “look & smile” digital image of entire family
Delivery of 1-2 minute curated film to inbox morning of Mother’s Day


Option to add Love Letters to Dad film

Interviews about mom will be followed by questions about dad
Two meaningful films created from one session!
Delivery of separate 1-2 minute curated film to inbox morning of Father’s Day (June 16, 2019)


Option to add 10 lifestyle & posed images via digital download

Documentary style images of family time
Posed images of kids with mom or kids with dad, etc.
Customizable per desires of family


The details:

  1. Reserve your time & date here.
  2. You’ll receive a confirmation email from Jen and a phone call to discuss specifics.
  3. The day of your session, we’ll start with 30 minutes filming your family interacting, playing games, being outside or activities you typically do as a family, documentary style.
  4. Following family time, I’ll pull your kids individually and as a group to be interviewed about mom.
  5. The final film will be curated to include interview footage paired with quality time as a family and a carefully selected song to accompany it.
  6. Delivery of the final film will be the morning of Mother’s Day; Sunday, May 12, to mom’s email inbox so the family can watch together for the first time.

Have more questions? No problem! Contact me via email { jen@emeraldrue.com } or phone { 218-686-1854 } and I’d be happy to answer them!

Or simply use the contact form!



What if my kids don’t talk yet?

If your children are too young to speak, the opposite parent can speak on behalf of the child about things that make the child smile or special activities or routines mom and baby do together.

What if my child is shy and doesn’t want to be interviewed?

Prior to the session, you’ll receive a questionnaire that your child can fill out or the opposite parent can assist the child in filling out so that answers are fresh in the mind.

We’ll begin by filming the entire family interacting. I’ll get to know your children and they will loosen up as we go. The questionnaire can be present at the interview as a refresher or can be read.

If your child prefers the opposite parent present during interviewing, that is fine as well! I don’t want this to be a stressful activity for your children so we’ll take our time!

Can mom be present during interviews about mom or help with the questionnaire?

The goal of the film is to be brand new to mom on Mother’s Day, having not heard answers to the questions until viewing the film. I encourage the opposite parent to assist writing and proofing the questionnaire prior to filming. However, there are some cases where this just may not be possible and that is ok! The film will still be priceless!

Will Love Letters to Dad be the same film with the interviews swapped?

No! I’ll prepare a fresh film with new music. Some footage of family together time may overlap from the Mother’s Day film but for the most part, they will be two different films. Love Letters to Dad will be delivered to your inbox the morning of Father’s Day, June 16, 2019.

Mother's Day 2019 Mother and family portrait
Mother's Day 2019 Mother and children portrait