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Session Clothing Options | Two Approaches

Planning Clothing for Your Session
Clients often ask what to wear for a photo or film session. I offer two approaches:

Coordinate & Plan
Mom, this is your time to shine! Start with one outfit you REALLY like that makes you feel great. Consider the location of the session. If in-home, formal wear will feel out of place.Find clothing for other members of the family that coordinate with your outfit. Neutrals are a solid base which will never date. Add some…

Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt | Things to Do!

In a Perfect World….
School is out, summer has started and the kids are self-motivated with engaging activities and constantly outside!

Wait…that’s not what the kids are doing? They want to play Minecraft for 8 hours straight? Oh, right, they’re already bored and it’s only June. Perhaps they’re driving you nuts…it’s ok to admit it!
What to Do About It
I’ve created a series of Summer Photo Scavenger Hunts to occupy time in a creative way. Starting today, I’m releasing the…

Pengilly, MN Tribute on Father’s Day

Grief is a complex thing.
When you lose someone the obvious grief comes first. The person you love is gone from physical life and the presence, voice, touch, conversation, interaction is painfully missed.

Time inevitably moves forward, the world still turns but the grief refuses to diminish.  A moment can usher in waves more painful than the first crash. The smallest trigger has the power to cripple – a song, a photo, a fleeting scent. To survive, you learn…

Little Canada, MN Family Film | Bedore Family

If I were to describe my dream client, the Bedore family would be it. Mickeli & Allison are a true power couple in the business world, founding and running BeBG, a business development company successfully for many years.

The Bedores have two beautiful children who they raise in a gorgeous home in Little Canada. The real reason, however, that they are my dream client is the fact that they are genuine, kind, honest people.  I can tell that their…

Minne Mama Meetup at Colored Organics | Minneapolis

What is Minne Mama Meetup?
Do you ever need a night out by yourself, connecting with women who get you? On May 16, I had the pleasure of filming and attending the Minne Mama Meetup.  It’s a get together of mothers to socialize, learn and get a night off from bedtime duty. The meet-up is meant to refresh, support and become a haven for sharing the ups and downs of being a parent.

Each month, Jen of Paisley &…

Girl riding scooter through neighborhood

5 Photography Tips for Summer Photo Success


The end of school is near and that means summer!! Yahoo! Right now, the next three months stretch infinitely in front of you…but it’ll fly by in an instant. Remember the blur that was last summer? The blur is coming for you again! So, today I’m sharing some tips to help you document those days that are so precious.
5 Photography Ideas for Summer Photo Success

1. Play with Your Kids
Want the best smiles? All kids want is for…