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Love Letters to Mom | Mother’s Day Films

Picture this:
You wake up on Mother’s Day morning to an email from Emerald Rue containing a film which holds priceless content. It’s your kids, telling you why they love you and sharing their best memories of your time together. Paired with footage of your family interacting and beautiful music, it instantly becomes your most treasured Mother’s Day gift.
Love Letters to Mom films are being offered through the month of April!

5 Travel Photo Hacks + Camera Recommendation

If you’ve ever been the type to get home from vacation only to discover you can’t stop looking at the photos and videos, wishing you were still there, this post is especially for you!

I’m breaking down my Top 5 Hacks for better vacation photos as well as recommendations for cameras if you’d like to upgrade from your phone.

Hack #1: Lighting
Have you ever taken a photo and your subjects look totally blacked out while your background looks gorgeous and clear?…

Fort Myers Beach | Shonka Family Vacation

Imagine you’re 6 months old on your first trip to the ocean. Little feet and hands discovering sand for the first time, you marvel at the texture. Inevitably, you try to put some in your mouth before mom & dad save you from a crunchy mess. Listening to the waves crashing on the shore, you wonder where the sound machine is that’s lulled you to sleep since birth.

Seeing the beautiful colors of the sunset, you observe everyone quietly…

Tips on How to Unsubscribe & Prioritize Emails

Listen, I know we live in the age of a million things to do and thousands of emails entering your inbox each day. The last thing I want to do is spam you with unnecessary information or share about things that only benefit me. That’s why I’m creating a newsletter that’s all about YOU.

Each month, I’ll include a list of family friendly things to do in the Twin Cities and…

Minnetonka In-Home Photography & Film | Baby Bennett

Is it just me or is it surreal when you or childhood pals do very adult things? For example, obtain a full-time job, own property, get married, have children, etc? I often feel not equipped to take on being an adult. As if my peers & I are not prepared or too young.

Thinking back to childhood and observing my parents, they seemed so certain. The lesson as I’ve reached the perceived “age of certainty” is that no one has…

In-Home Session

Extended Family Holiday Cookie Baking | In-Home Lifestyle Film

Peanut butter, spritz, sugar, chocolate kiss, minty delights, what are your favorites? Because it’s Girl Scout cookies season and those cute little ladies smile and offer sugary goodness at the grocery checkout you may assume I’m referring to that. But I’m really talking holiday cookies.

I had the honor of joining an extended family while they held their yearly tradition of gathering, baking, decorating and catching up, over champagne of course. The reason 2018 was more special that most is…