Emerald Rue

Baby Elena || In-Home Newborn Session || Minneapolis

Thirty-Six Hours Fresh
Baby Elena’s life on Earth had just begun when I arrived at the family’s home. I was immediately surrounded by little Elias & Esther, curious about my camera and excited to introduce me to their baby sister. As I made my way to the master bedroom, where we’d be photographing, the loving hum from her mother, Ariel, could be heard.

Ariel is a doula; whose job is to help women through the journey of pregnancy and childbirth. She…

Easy Family Mornings | Minnesota Family Film

“I Want to Feel the Joy…”
The funny thing about tendencies and ideals is that you can look back on at what you always pictured for your life and it’ll look completely different. And you are 100% grateful for this.

During their Sunday ritual of waking slow and enjoying pancakes together the R family played the “would you rather” game.  It came up that mother, Monica, was once more interested in city, condo living than cozy, country-home living. Now,…

Menu of Self Care | Morning Routine

Do you have a morning routine?
How about a gratitude practice? Daily gratitude is just one part of my morning routine. I’ll share my entire morning routine in a future post. Today I want to share my gratitude practice and my menu of self care.

Gratitude Practice
November is traditionally the month we count our blessings, BUT the benefits of the practice year round are astonishing. In fact, according to Forbes, science…

The Severson Family | Edina, MN Family Photography

According to Steph, Scarlett’s mother, the two-year-old has two speeds, sleep and run. Scarlett’s speed on the golden lit night of our session was the later. She ran, she explored, she nearly swam in the fountain…but boy, did she laugh and have fun!

Sunset sessions this fall have all been gorgeous, but the Severson family got the best light by far. The rays of light shot through the trees as Scarlett and her parents played, smelled the flowers and walked…

Warm Hearts Winter Sessions

Winter is the season and warming hearts is the reason!

Now through December 8, Warm Heart Winter Sessions can be purchased. Filming can be completed any date prior to March 31, 2020!

Perhaps all the family will be together very soon. Take the opportunity to film the time together. Capture your family traditions: cookie baking, tree trimming, sledding, skating, or any winter activity!
Hectic holidays? Save it for after the new year and document your…

The Gunderson Family || Sunset Session at Bea Hive Farm

The setting: Bea Hive Farm
The characters: Cody, Natalie & Avery
The crew: two horses, a pig and birds galore
The feeling: joy, wonder and excitement
Offering sessions at Bea Hive Farm this year was a dream. Let me tell you the easiest way to get a genuine smile from kids: animals. Avery was in farm heaven. She waddled with the ducks. She chatted with the horses, stroking their noses. Then, Avery almost took a cat home (just kidding, but given the option,…