Emerald Rue

Sturdivant Family | Sunset Session 2019

When I arrived at the Sturdivant home last fall, Masada reminded me that we were taking photos during the same week last year! We reminisced about little Noah’s adorable smile (and his ability to sit in one place, ha!).

Noah was 18 months at the time we photographed. He’s a man on the move! Instead of fighting it, we decided to document Noah as the toddler he is. While I managed to snag a few lovely smiles with mom &…

Entwined Hearts Sessions

Let’s plan something to look forward to once life returns to (new) normal.

**Promotion has Expired**
Now through May 31, Entwined Hearts Sessions can be purchased. Session date is flexible and can be completed any date prior to December 31, 2020!

During this uncertain time, may the love shared with the hearts entwined with yours grow.
Soon, a new “normal” will upon be us. I’d love to help you own your love as art. Entwined Hearts Sessions will focus on connection. My goal…

Zimmerman Family | Sunset Session

Sisters. I always wanted a sister (not that my two brothers aren’t awesome). That one person who you simultaneously love and hate, share a glance with and know each other’s thoughts, and can tell your deepest secrets to.

The Zimmerman sisters are full of giggles (and the occasional sideways glance, ha!). Deep down, it’s obvious they adore each other and will be best friends for life.

Dani was our comedian, helping everyone achieve genuine smiles, while Gabi assisted me in finding…

Elling Family Breakfast | In-home Lifestyle Film and Photography

Can I share with you why you’ll remember a film session more than any other day? It comes down to presence. You see, in order for a positive memory to imprint in our brains, it take at least 15-30 seconds of seeing and really being present. Often, we’re physically present but our minds are elsewhere. During a film session, the phones are away, the to-do list can wait and you’re THERE. Present and active and engaged. Your brain is…

Baby Elena || In-Home Newborn Session || Minneapolis

Thirty-Six Hours Fresh
Baby Elena’s life on Earth had just begun when I arrived at the family’s home. I was immediately surrounded by little Elias & Esther, curious about my camera and excited to introduce me to their baby sister. As I made my way to the master bedroom, where we’d be photographing, the loving hum from her mother, Ariel, could be heard.

Ariel is a doula; whose job is to help women through the journey of pregnancy and childbirth. She…

Easy Family Mornings | Minnesota Family Film

“I Want to Feel the Joy…”
The funny thing about tendencies and ideals is that you can look back on at what you always pictured for your life and it’ll look completely different. And you are 100% grateful for this.

During their Sunday ritual of waking slow and enjoying pancakes together the R family played the “would you rather” game.  It came up that mother, Monica, was once more interested in city, condo living than cozy, country-home living. Now,…