Emerald Rue

The Butler Family

  • Aug 8, 2018

I spoke to Sally numerous times before their family film session about what life looks like for them on a daily basis and what her favorite moments are. One common thing was said over and over. She loves the way her kids interact with each other during this season. The three boys are fighting one minute and giggling the next. They choose to all sleep in the same double bed because even while they sleep they’d rather be together. All still snuggle in with mom and dad, even the oldest at 10 years old.

The boys are kind and affectionate to their little sister, while I think she secretly runs the show. Her little voice while she sings and says her prayers is sweet enough to melt the toughest hearts. This is a family in a busy season of life, just trying to make it through another summer having the best time of their lives before things change, children grow up and the leaves change to fall.