Bea Hive Farm Session | Gunderson Family 2019

  • Oct 29, 2019

Sunset Session at Bea Hive Farm

The setting: Bea Hive Farm sessions
The characters: Cody, Natalie & Avery
The crew: two horses, a pig, and birds galore
The feeling: joy, wonder, and excitement

Photographing families at Bea Hive Farm this year was a dream. Let me tell you the easiest way to get a genuine smile from kids: animals. Well, that and large fields of wildflowers to smell and pick a bouquet. Both will do the trick! Luckily, both were present for the Gunderson family.

Avery was in farm heaven. She waddled with the ducks. She chatted with the horses, stroking their noses. Then, Avery almost took a cat home (just kidding, but given the option, the Gunderson’s would be +1 fluffy cat!).

The Gunderson family is always excellent to work with and this year was no exception! A little fun fact is that I went to high school with Cody, so photographing him and the family he’s made is a true joy for me.

Last year, I had the pleasure of working with the family at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. That particular session, we faced drizzle and cool fall temperatures. This year, the family was fortunate to have a nice sunny day! Be sure to go back and watch 2018’s Moving Portrait to see how Avery has grown so much in just a year!

To inquire into your own family’s Bea Hive Farm session, contact Jen and start the conversation!


The barn at Bea Hive Farm session with family of three.

The Gunderson family at their Bea Hive Farm session.

Young girl smiles while on tire swing in barn at Bea Hive Farm session.Family walks in front of the barn during Bea Hive Farm session.Little girl poses for photos near animals at Bea Hive Farm.Young girl feeds the chickens with enthusiasm at Bea Hive Farm session.