Emerald Rue

How Is Emerald Rue Different?

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Something different, new and meaningful in a way that will make you feel is what makes Emerald Rue different. My focus is on the unique connection present in families. The way you’ve documented in the past is likely with photographs. Imagine, your family captured on video, paired with beautiful music, and representing this season of your life.

Maybe you feel like life is too messy right now or that your kids won’t behave.

I understand how you feel, but the current time of your life is fleeting. Your children will only be this little once and if you wait for the perfect day, you’ll miss out on this beautiful glimpse in time. Yesterday was different and tomorrow will be, too. The best time is now.

The voices of your children, the sound of their laughter, your toddler’s wobbly steps or your baby’s little yawn. Unique, emotional images of you and your family, in motion picture and stills. Think of all the things that make your children, your family and yourself unique and lovely. Write them down and share them with me! That is what these sessions are intended for and that is what I will accomplish for you.

What I Offer

A relatively new medium for families that I know you’ll love more than you thought possible. You’ve seen films of wedding days, where a videographer has put together the most important clips of the day set to music, possibly with audio overlaid of speeches or vows. The finished product will be a beautiful film, differing in length depending on your session.

Now imagine this concept, except your family is the focus. The scenes will be curated to include the scenes that are important to telling your story, set to music picked just for you, and may include voice/background audio from the day. Photographs are also taken throughout and included in most packages.

I understand that your kids may not behave like angels who smile for the camera, but that is alright by me. As an auntie of four, a lifetime babysitter anda former teacher, I have much practice in being patient. If there are tantrums, I will wait. If timeouts are needed, I will wait. If naps are a must, I will film them.