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So you can remember this season of life. This messy, imperfect, beautiful thing we call life.

An honest family film does just that.

Life goes by in the blink of an eye.

Remember the voices of your children, the sound of their laughter and the twinkle in their eyes.

I am an observer....

I observe the unique human connection present in families.

The connection between mother and child that only the two of them will ever completely know. How siblings love and loath all at the same time. Faces that light up when they see their children or grandchildren. The unfaltering love that mamas and daddies have for their kids. I document the day-to-day of families as I see them, in still form and in motion, so this season of their lives may be forever seized.

Welcome! I’m Jen.

Any given day, you can find me walking my dog, Zoey, around my beautiful St Louis Park, MN neighborhood. I live for a good happy hour with friends. On the weekends, you’ll find me hanging by a lake, hiking, camping or bon-firing in a backyard.

I am mostly known for my love of Wheel of Fortune, being game for anything related to live music, and my dislike of pickles.

My greatest longing in life is to serve others in any way possible. I’m an active volunteer in community organizations, a former teacher and my newest way to serve is capturing a season of a family’s life that they can look back on fondly for years to come. The human connection between families is one that cannot be found anywhere else.

My goal is to capture that connection and love, each time.

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