Emerald Rue

What if you could hold your life in your hands?

What shape would it take? If you could stop time, what would that mean to you?

I am an observer....

For as long as I can remember, I have observed.

When I was four, my brother was born and I quietly watched as my mother hummed, fed him and rocked him to sleep.

Once, while playing in the front yard with a neighbor, I watched my father walk out of the house and turn to kiss my mother goodbye.

I sat at the table in my Grandma Rose’s kitchen, playing a game with my cousins while keeping an eye on my grandmother as she buzzed around, preparing a meal for us with no recipe, just dashes of tenderness.

I observed what love looks like.

Welcome! I’m Jen.

I am always noticing, to this day. It is a skill that does not go away, nor would I wish it to leave.

As a filmmaker and photographer, I am a mirror which reflects the love of your family back at you. A safe place for you to relax and let your story land.

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