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Specializing in natural, raw, true-to-life family moments. 



Family films are new and meaningful in a way that will make you feel.

Why are photos not enough?

It’s simple: audio and movement. Imagine, your family captured on video during your day-to-day, showcasing the way you play and interact. Most importantly, voices and laughter (which change quickly) are archived for you to keep.

My brothers and I recently watched home movies from Christmas 1987. We would bundle up and head to my grandparent’s house to celebrate. My grandparents have since passed but hearing their voices and seeing their smiles is a comfort. These links to the past are treasures that I’m grateful to own.


Emerald Rue is all about serving others with heartfelt imagery and videos. It’s about gifting nostalgia to others.



Here's what you can expect each step of the way:

01. Book Your Session
Fill out the Booking Form below and Jen will reach out to schedule a Discovery Call. I'd love to hear more about your family and what you envision when you think of a film for your family during this season.

02. Get Prepped

I'll act as a trusted resource and support in the weeks and months leading up to your session. A pre-consultation Zoom call with both mom & dad will be done to answer questions and provide guidance on things like outfits, activities for the film, etc. No need to worry about this part, I've got you.

03. It's Go Time

Your session is here! Take a deep breath and get ready to be present with your family. We'll spend some time getting acquainted. You'll go about your day and I will document, both in motion picture and stills. I may ask questions or give light direction, but mostly, it will be authentic.

04. Ooh and Aah Over Your Film & Images

Your family film & images will be delivered via digital gallery 5-6 weeks later. Plan a viewing party for your family so you can all watch together for the first time! Pop some popcorn, snuggle up and enjoy.

05. Redeem your Artwork Credits

Depending on your session of choice, an artwork credit is included. Now is your time to order a beautiful piece for your wall, a personalized image box or additional digital images.



2 hours of cleaning services for your home

Hair/Make-up Services for Mom 

Clothing consultation with Jen 

Up to 3-hour session, film and photos 

Full set of digital images

$600 credit to purchase artwork

Fully curated 7-10 minute final film



• Up to 2-hour session, film and photos 

• 35 digital images

• $250 credit to purchase artwork

• Fully curated 4-7 minute final film



• 60-90 minute session, photos only

• In-home or at location of choice 

• 25 Digital Images

• $200 credit to purchase artwork

+ $749


Moving portraits are one-minute films that take place during a portrait session. They do not tell a story but rather act as a moving portrayal of a family at that time.

+ $350

Session Fine Print*

Emerald Sunset & Emerald Everyday sessions include 25 & 35 digital images respectively. A password-protected online gallery will be live for one week once digital proofs are available. During that time, clients must choose their favorites or may be subject to an additional fee. All chosen images will be fully edited & touched up.  Additionally, digitals may be purchased via artwork credits. Emerald VIP includes all the digital images from the session fully edited, touched up (typically between 40 & 60).

Moving Portraits are 1 minute mini-films from the time during the portrait session. See www.emeraldrue.com/moving-portraits for examples

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Family Film vs. Moving Portrait

A full family film tells a story. It showcases voices, laughter, smiles, gestures, looks…all while your beautiful every day unfolds. The purpose is to capture what you’ll soon forget, so 5 years or even 5 months from now, you own the legacy.

Moving Portraits are one-minute mini-films, often filmed during a traditional portrait session. Moving Portraits are a beautiful way to get just a glimpse into your world now, as tomorrow will inevitably change.

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Emerald Rue's Style Guide

Tips concerning choosing your family's clothing for a session, coordinating colors, and where to shop. You can access the Style Guide here.

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"Jen has captured our important family moments in both stills and video. She is incredibly talented, but what's more, she is professional, flexible and has a wonderful skill working with small children. The family films have brought tears to our eyes and I'm always taken aback seeing the small, intimate moments Jen captures when I don't even realize that she is doing so."

- Cate & Adam

Why are photos not enough?

It’s simple: audio and movement. Imagine, your family captured on video during your day to day, showcasing the way you play and interact. Most importantly, voices and laughter (which change quickly!) are yours to own forever.

My family recently watched home movies from Christmas 1987.  We laughed, cried and marveled at how we spoke, interacted and dressed. Such home movies have become treasures.

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Won't I feel awkward in front of the camera?

The goal is to remind you of life’s beauty. You’ll be surprised by how comfortable the process is. We will chat throughout and I’ll give light direction. All you need to do is be yourself.

Showcasing human connection is key. In order to do this, I’m going to ask to you be vulnerable. If you are moved to tears, please let them flow. It’s alright! Love up on your kids and significant other.

Because my style is documentary, I’ve found that kids forget I’m present. I’m not asking them to sit still so misbehavior is not likely. I am patient and will stop filming and step away if your child needs a break.

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But life is messy right now...

I understand how you feel, but time is fleeting. As you know, your children will only be this little once. Waiting for the perfect day will ensure you miss out on this glimpse of life. The best time is now.

As an auntie of five, a lifetime babysitter, and a former teacher, I have much practice in being patient. If there are tantrums, I will wait. As timeouts are needed, I will wait. When naps are a must, I will film them.

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What will my family do during a session?

Sample Everyday Ideas:

Morning routine (wake up, breakfast, brush teeth)

Dinner time (prep, pray, eat, conversation)

Outside play (Park, bike rides, swings, walks in woods)

Nighttime routine (bath, PJs, read books, tuck in)

A special event (birthday, holiday baking, family traditions)

Sessions include support throughout. Before the session, I'll send a questionnaire to help us plan. Then, we will have a Zoom consultation to ensure we have a plan.

Alternatively, we can throw the plan out the window! It's truly a customizable experience that highlights what's most important to YOU.

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Will this add stress to my already busy life?

Very little, if any! For most, the process is much easier than a photo session. Documenting real life means you don't need to put on a show, clean your house or plan outfits (unless you want to).

Before your session, we’ll schedule a Zoom call (both mom and dad should be present). At that time, we’ll create a framework for the family film session. It’s helpful to add in some special activities to get your kids excited.

On the day of the session, I will arrive at your home (or meet you at a chosen location) and take a few minutes to get to acquainted. From there, you will go about doing the activities planned. Then, I will simply document them as they happen, both in motion picture and stills. For the most part, it’ll be authentically your family the way you always see it. I may ask you questions or give you light direction.

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