6 Preparations for Family Photos 6 Months Out

  • Feb 19, 2023

6 Things You Can Do 6 Months Before Family Photos

Plan Your Garden

Preparing for a photo session can be extremely stressful for moms, especially if you’re waiting until right before photos. What if you started to prepare long before you book, like six months out?! Read on for suggestions for six preparations for family photos six months out!

Think about it; if you were a gardener, what would you do six months before planting? You’d be researching and choosing seeds and taking inventory of your tools so when planting season rolls around, you’re all set!

Good news, you can do the same to get ready for family photos. Try tackling a few of the items on the list below NOW to help your future self.

Preparations for Family Photos

1. Find Outfits You Love

Instead of scrolling IG, look to Pinterest for a few nights! Create a new board titled “Photo Outfit Inspo” and then plug that into the search bar. Start adding mood boards, color palettes and sample outfit combos you like to the board. Months down the road when that session is booked, you’ll have an easy reference point full of outfits you know you like. For additional help coordinating outfits, check out Emerald Rue’s Style Guide.

2. Discover Your Style

We’re headed back to Pinterest! Create another board titled “Poses and Photos I Love”. Try searching phrases like “family photography inspiration”, “family poses” or ______ family photography (insert your city or state). Start saving all the images that appeal to you. Next, take a peek at the board as a whole. You may be surprised to see many similar tones, editing styles or poses. Congrats, you have a style! This can be helpful down the road when choosing a photographer.

PS – check out Emerald Rue’s Family Photo Inspiration board!

3. Research and Choose a Photographer

If you don’t already have a preferred photographer, start researching and browsing IG or websites to find one that fits your style and budget. Refer back to your Pinterest board for your style! Items to consider include a portfolio that you like and testimonials from previous clients to get a sense of their quality and professionalism.

4. Plan a Budget

Determine how much you are willing to spend on the photo session and any additional artwork, including digital files, prints or albums. Keep in mind that prices can vary depending on the photographer, location, and other factors. Remember, you get what you pay for. Sometimes, photographs are an investment you should save for!

5. Choose a Date and Location

Even if you don’t book yet, start to think about a date and location for the session that works for your family’s schedule. Perhaps you’ve always done fall and you’d like to switch it up? Try winter or summer! This will help to diversify your images through the years. Consider outdoor locations or places that hold special meaning for your family.

6. Decide on Activities

If you decide you’d like a family film, we often try to come up with a list of activities we can do during our time together. This typically revolves around everyday life. Think back to your last few months and the times you loved as a family. Start there. Next, are there any upcoming events or milestones that you may want to incorporate into the film? Jot down all ideas.

By starting theses six preparations for family photos six months out, you can ensure that you have enough time to plan and make any necessary arrangements to create a successful and memorable photo session.