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Brand Film Best Practices

February 02, 20242 min read

Best Practices for Your Storytelling Brand Film

Congratulations on your storytelling brand film! It's a personal way for your audience to get to know you and your business better to build the know, like, and trust factor. Take a moment to read through the brand film's best practices for success.

1. Avoid Music Copyright Infringement

When you're ready to begin using your brand film, I need video hosting links to pass along to the music provider. This way, the content is not flagged for copyright infringement. I use licensed music but the provider only recognizes my name and business as cleared to use it, until I add your hosting links.

Send the direct link to the platform that hosts the video (YouTube, FB, Instagram, Vimeo, etc.). I will pass along the links to mark as safe.

You may embed the video, say on your website or LinkedIn. In this case, send just the link to the hosting platform, as mentioned above. Call me if you have questions about this!

2. 1080p Best Practices

On your website or a video platform, such as YouTube/Vimeo, it is best practice to use the 1080p version of the brand video. However, on a website, host the video on YouTube or Vimeo and embed it on the site. This way, a rendering video won't slow the loading time of the page.

For more detailed info, here are some helpful articles:
Add YouTube Videos to Wordpress
Add Videos to Squarespace

3. 720p Best Practices

The 720p versions are best for social media.

Facebook: Upload the video instead of linking it from YouTube. Facebook algorithm dislikes external links because they want users to stay on Facebook. Fair warning, when you first upload a video to Facebook, it'll look horrendous for about half a day. It takes forever to fully render so it'll look pixelated at first, but give it time.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn prefers external links, such as YouTube, because they do not have the infrastructure for video like Facebook does.

Instagram: There's a 1-minute limit for videos uploaded to the feed, however, you can get around that by using IGTV. See my tutorial for IGTV here.

4. Re-share Often!

If you plan to use your videos for social media, remember to re-share often! The purpose of having a video created is defeated if posted it once and never again. The percentage of your audience that sees your posts is minimal, so don't assume everyone has seen it. Repurpose, re-share, get your audience excited!

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