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Coordinating Outfits for Family Photos

September 04, 20192 min read

Coordinating Clothing for Family Photos

You are amazing and life is worth documenting as is. I passionately believe this.

Looking and feeling great in photos can be stressful. Especially if you’re the one getting the entire family ready.  The goal of photos is to capture personalities, interactions , and relationships.  Coordinating clothing for your family session can have a positive effect on the outcome, so let's plan!

Family of five holds hands and walks to camera with coordinating clothing for family photos.

Tips for Success in Outfits

  1. Elimination:  Some types of clothing are memorable, but not in a good way. Based on my experience, there are some clothing choices to avoid.
    Stripes that are both tiny and the same size
    Too much denim (can make odd patterns up close)
    Characters & name brands
    Overmatching - choose mom's outfit first and coordinate from there

  2. Mom Comes First
    First, start with one outfit that you (mom!) really like. It should make you feel great. Long dresses or tops that flow are ideal for creating movement within your lifestyle photos. Layer accordingly per season.

  3. Coordinate Clothing
    Next, find clothing for other members of the family that coordinate with your outfit. Neutrals are a solid base that will never date. Add some color if you wish to break things up! (Detailed information on how to coordinate can be found in the complete Style Guide, see below.)

  4. Layering
    Additionally, layering is an excellent way to add dimension to your images as well as give variety. Scarves, jackets, sweaters, hats, etc. which can be easily removed offer texture and options for change.

  5. Hair & Make-up
    Last but not least, paper yourself! It's your time to shine! If you feel inclined, get your hair and make-up done, mama, you deserve it! Think about how your hair and make-up will translate on film. I recommend light make-up as well as doing your hair, either in curls or as you would daily.Don't forget the kids! Breakfast on faces, chapped lips and messy hair cannot be fixed with Photoshop!For the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, I recommend War Paint International. A professional stylist will come to your home!

Want more?

I've created a FREE Style Guide, complete with exactly how to coordinate colors, example photos to give you a visual and suggestions for where to shop. Additionally, there's a bonus tutorial video! To get it, click the button below!

Also, see this article for tips to prepare your family for a session.

coordinating outfits for family photos
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