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March 16, 20221 min read

Edina Family Video

Ah, Sweet Summertime

Before their session, I talked with Laura about her family. She told me what a typical weekend looks like for them. We talked about what we'd do at their home during their Edina family video session. You see, we have made some plans for a film session. However, I love to leave it open to the magical unexpected.

Laura, her husband Stu, and their two girls, June & Maeve love to walk to the nearby creek. They play at the park and eat ice cream on the front stoop. That's when that old nostalgic summer feeling returned.

When I arrived at the home, the girls were swimming in the kiddie pool out back as the sun was setting over their garage. It was picturesque. The girls showed me their rooms, complete with artwork, treasures, and cases of books. They watered the beautiful floral front yard. The girls popped some corn with Dad in preparation for a movie.

It was a typical night in their house and it was beautiful. There is no need to make plans when preparing for a family film. Real life is much more special.

If you’d like your summer nights documented (because next year, they WILL look different), reach out to me, and let’s chat.

Two girls play in kiddie pool during Edina family video session.Little girl plays in backyard kiddie pool. Edina family video.Portraits of young girl in blue dress holding flowers.Family sits on a porch posing for a photo. Edina family film.Father & daughter on a porch posing for a photo. Edina family filmMother and two daughters sit on a porch during Edina family videoFamily kisses each other for photo.Family of four poses in front yard garden.Couple poses in garden for photos.Family of four sits on couch eating popcorn.

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