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Family Photos Sunset Session |Severson Family 2019 | Edina, MN

November 08, 20191 min read

Family Photos Sunset Session

Sleep or Run!

According to Steph, Scarlett’s mother, the two-year-old has two speeds, sleep and run. Scarlett’s speed on the golden-lit night of our Sunset Session was the latter. She ran, she explored, she nearly swam in the fountain…but boy, did she laugh and have fun!

Sunset Sessions this fall have all been gorgeous, but the Severson family got the best light by far. The rays of light shot through the trees as Scarlett and her parents played, smelled flowers and walked around the fountain’s edge. I’ll let the film and photos finish the story. Enjoy!

By the way, if you want to see the amazing kinds of emails I get when I deliver a gallery, here goes! From Steph; I was about to go to sleep and decided to look at my email one last time.  Jen.  These.  Are.  Amazing.  I couldn’t love them more!   I can’t wait to look at my huge screen at work tomorrow!  THANK YOU!  

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Little girl standing in far off clearing of forest in family photos sunset session.

Scarlett loved running through the park!

Family of three and their dog during family photos. Little girl and her dog during sunset session.

Scarlett is a happy little gal! This light is why I do family photo sunset sessions!

Family poses near a fountain in a park in Edina, MNYoung girl and her father snuggle during a family photos sunset session.Mother and daughter laugh during a family photos sunset session.Couple poses for photo in a park, looking at camera smiling.Daddy and daughter play on a blanket in the park.Father kisses daughters hurt hand to make it better.Family photos sunset session with boots and hand holds.

Winter boots as the factor that ties the outfits together is adorable!

Little girl stands near fence and garden during sunset session.

View how films help to document change over time by watching all of the Severson family films! {click}

(Like the one below.)

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