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Minnesota Sunset Photography Sessions 2020 Recap

January 04, 20212 min read

Minnesota Sunset Photography Sessions

A Few of Jen's Favs from 2020

Emerald Rue is a storytelling brand. Full sessions are up to three hours long. I tell the stories of families through films and photographs in a documentary approach. Another of my favorite times to shoot in Minnesota is sunset photography sessions.

Every fall, Emerald Rue offers shorter sessions that give families posed, portrait-style images with a few documentary images mixed in. Sessions are 45 minutes long, and include 25 still images for digital download and the option to add a Moving Portrait (a mini-video). I love that most of my clients add the Moving Portrait, as there is magic to seeing the moving images as time passes.

The year 2020 was an unusual one. As you know, with a pandemic, masks were present, distance was kept and no hugs were given.  When it came to my Minnesota sunset photography sessions, locations were varied. They needed to be outdoors and sessions took place on a boat, in parks, in backyards, and even on deserted gravel roads!

A Show of Gratitude

I'm grateful that my clients made the most of it! Thank you to all my clients who participated. I look forward to doing it all again next year (and the year after that and so on!).

One thing I love is getting feedback after I deliver galleries. From Courtney, All of these photos are AMAZING JEN!! I can't decide which ones to frame!

From Masada, Oh. My goodness, I am in love! The video is absolutely beautiful and the pictures turned out so well! You captured his spirit and his energy. Thank you!

Featured on this page or not, don't forget to print your photos!

In no particular order, please enjoy an image from each session.

Minnesota family enjoys the lake during a sunset photography session.

Minnesota family enjoys the lake during a sunset photography session.

Couple looks on as puppy runs from them during Minnesota sunset photography session.

Isn't Ginger the sweetest puppy!

Teenage girl holds hat to her head during Minnesota sunset photography session.

Clara got amazing light for her senior sunset session!

Family of four gives kisses in a field during a sunset photography session.Mother and daughter hold hands and look at each other.Minnesota family walks across bridge laughing during sunset photography session.Family of four tickles each other in a field of tall grass.Minnesota family holds hands and walks together during a sunset photography session.Family with adolescent kids stands in a field petting dog.Twin boys jump in a field with fountain behind them.Minnesota sunset photography sessions mother and father kiss son.Minnesota family holds hands on bridge during a sunset photography session.Couple at sunset stands in glowing tall grass. Woman is pregnant and father kisses mother on cheek.Family sits in hammock.minnesota sunset photography session hockey family.Family of three holds hands and walks through park.

To see a full session that includes a family film and photographs, check out the Kozisek Family.

Minnesota Sunset Photography Sessionsfall photos

Jen Martodam

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