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Minnesota Family Video | Ritchie | Summer 2020

October 05, 20202 min read

For Chelsea & Josh, a Minnesota family wanting a video, it's the sound of their children running down the hallway. The light thud of tiny toes hit the hardwood. The giggles as the twins share an exhilarated glance.

I've heard a variety of little things that parents want me to film so they can remember. And honestly, I cry every time I'm editing that very part. Because it's the little things that mean the most and fade the quickest.

Chelsea so eloquently summed it up in a post she created. I share it here with her permission.

"We savor the little things. Perhaps it's a direct result of infertility, of waiting so long for these two. Or perhaps it's just parenthood, realizing how fast time goes and how quickly times change. But the little things, we cling to them. We smile every time. It's the way Sissy and Logan's voices sing out their favorite song. The noise their feet make when they race down the upstairs hall, pretending to be a space ranger or bringing their clothes to the laundry room. The way they set the table, sip their drinks, pull their clothes over their heads, giggle with glee while swinging. The everyday moments. These are so precious to us.

We had the ever wonderful (Jen from Emerald Rue) come out and capture a regular, average morning with our family and she put together this video that I treasure so much. When Josh and I first watched it, we sat in stunned silence (and tears!) at how many little things she caught that were so perfectly them. Sis holding two pieces of bacon, Logan wanted to put sprinkles in his drink because "it would be really good!", the way they pray. I told Jen she gave us the most special gift in sharing her talent with us to make this.

We are so blessed."

You can read more about Chelsea & Josh's journey to parenthood at

Watch their Minnesota family video and see select documentary photos below.

{Interested in a family film of your own? Let's chat!}

Three year old twins help set the table during a Minnesota family video.

The twins love to help set the table!

Twin siblings both eat pancakes near the window in Minnesota Family Video.Family of four sits at the kitchen table eating breakfast and talking.Little boy sits at table eating breakfast during Minnesota family video.Little girl stands at cash register of little play store.Little boy stands in hallway holding stuffed animal.Three year old twins hold their stuffed animals in a hallway.

The patter of toes on the hardwood is one the parents treasure!

Three year olds on a swing in the backyard during Minnesota family video.

I just love how they do everything together!

Brother and sister twins hug during Minnesota family video session.

The sweetest!

Brother and sister on swing with a look of glee.Family of four takes a photo in their yard.Several family photos of family of four outdoors in summertime.Family of four takes a photo in their kitchen.

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