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WarPaint International | Preferred Vendor Introduction

November 13, 20204 min read

WarPaint International: Preferred Vendor

Friends, I want to introduce Jessica Mae from WarPaint International. She's a makeup artisan and the founder of this amazing agency of professional makeup artists who serve all over the US. She's local to me in Minneapolis and she's a preferred vendor partner in the Emerald VIP Experience. As a part of the experience, she or a member of her team will travel to the home before a session to treat mom to hair and make-up services.

Jessica Mae of WarPaint International.

Meet Jessica Mae

Hi Friends! I’m Jessica Mae, Founder and Creative Director for WarPaint International. I’ve been a professional makeup artist for 14 years and have pretty much seen it all! My husband and I founded WPI in 2010 and now contract 40 professional artisans between Minneapolis, NYC and California. I love getting to know my clients and bringing their inner beauty out through artistry. I’m a sucker for old Hollywood glam looks and enjoy a nice glass of wine. If you’re into 90’s music (cue En Vogue or Salt 'n Pepa) we’ll probably end up having a dance party while I do your makeup!

When life events are scheduled we often think about what we will wear, where we will go out for dinner and drinks beforehand and how we will get there but we often forget about booking a professional makeup service. This is especially true when we book those annual family photo sessions!

I know all too well that we think about everyone and everything before we think about what we need to prepare and create time for that. And even though society has come a long way with normalizing taking care of ourselves, there can sometimes be feelings of guilt if we take 30 minutes for just us.

So, I have created a list of why booking a professional makeup service for your next family photoshoot or date night is not only a fabulous idea but one that will have you feeling refreshed, recharged and looking like your best self!

Why You Need Professional Hair & Makeup Services for your Photo Session

1. Onsite is the way to go.

We live busy lives and sometimes the thought of having to navigate to a salon or studio can add to the stress. When you book an onsite professional they come to you! This means you can sit back and relax. Put on your favorite jam, pour a cup of coffee or crack a bottle of wine etc. You can create the environment that you need that day.

Pro tip: do your research when hiring - make sure the company or artist is reputable and does background checks. If working with a company/agency, ask about their hiring process.


2. Leave the beauty to the pro!

A professional artist will help you select the color palette that is perfect for your skintone, eye color, personal style and your outfit. She or He will then execute the look to perfection. No need to worry about getting the falsies on by yourself or creating that perfect glowing look!

3. Pamper yourself.

Remember what I said about the importance of taking time out for yourself? Well, getting your makeup done is the perfect time for that! You can’t give out of an empty cup, sister, so take some time to recharge!

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4. You will feel and look amazing!

We promise. Our goal as professionals is to make sure you not only look amazing, but that you feel amazing. It’s our job! A great artist will listen to your vision and create a look you love. Keep in mind that makeup is removable and can be changed. It’s normal to have a tweak or two to the look once we’re finished, be sure to speak up if you want something added or changed - you won’t hurt our feelings - I promise.

5. Your photographer will thank you!

Professional makeup artists come equipped with all the products and knowledge of how to make sure you are camera ready. Whether it’s a pro shoot for family photos or you plan to take all the selfies for your night out - you will be ready to work the camera!


I hope this helps you in your decision to book a professional makeup service for your next photo session or life event. One last piece of advice; when looking for someone to hire, in this time of a global pandemic, make sure that the company or professional you hire has safety protocols in place. Cheers!

Let's Get Started!

Jen here! Weren't these tips from Jessica gold?! Ready to pamper yourself with hair & make-up services before your Emerald VIP Experience? Let's get started!

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