What if you could hold your life in your hands?

What shape would it take?

Perhaps it sounds like his giggles. Moves like her curls in the wind. Smells like they did as a baby. What parts would you keep forever in your heart?

And what parts of yourself would you bottle up for your children to remember?

Perhaps how you rocked him to sleep. Your steady hand grasping hers.

Maybe it's how you showed them the best parts of life.

Would you stop time if you could?

Things change in the blink of an eye. But you can preserve it as is. This is what a family film does.

I hope to gift you with these things and more. So you can hold your life in your hands and keep it as a treasure.






What is a Family Film?


For as long as I can remember, I have observed. I am always noticing, still to this day. It is a skill that does not go away, nor would I wish it to leave.

As a family filmmaker and photographer, I am a mirror which reflects the love of your family back to you. A safe place for you to relax and let your story land.

Family Films are for you if...

…life is passing by and you wonder where the time goes.

…you can’t believe your kids are __ years old already.

…you are nostalgic and love to remember beautiful memories.

…this particular season of life is one you want to remember.

…photo sessions stress you out because preparation all falls on you (no big prep for family films!).



Monica & Joe Say,

"It is worth it. Films are so cool and 100% I'd recommend them to anyone. We just couldn't feel more blessed to have been on the receiving end.

Also, Jen, I have to tell you, even my husband was so impressed with the video. He said, 'Everyone should do this - everyone!' And let me tell you, he does not say things like that. He usually says our own photos and videos are fine. But this, he absolutely LOVED.

We both got misty-eyed when we watched it. Can't thank you enough!"

Allison & Mickeli Say,

"Jen came into our home to shoot a video of our family...living a normal 'day in the life.' We weren't sure what to expect, but we were blown away by what we received.

The filming process was very laid back and fun - we didn't need to match clothes or pose. We simply hung out as a family and she captured such beautiful pure moments and details of our children, our interactions and even our home.

The final video was composed beautifully; I cannot express how much we cherish the final product. There is nothing I would change - it is heirloom status!

Why is video necessary over photos alone?

Because sound is priceless. Remember the voices, giggles, and little people's conversations.

Family film sessions are easier than photography sessions.

A chance to be 100% present with your family.

Films are authentic, raw, imperfect, and beautiful, just like your life.

Your kids will beg to watch it and you'll cherish it as the years pass.


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