The Continuing Story

One Family's Continuing Story filmed over one year.

There will come a day when he asks if Santa is real. When she drops your hand in public. The day he'll decide he'd rather be at his friend's house over his own...

The magic of childhood lives beyond a thin line. In the blink of an eye, the innocence will disappear.

The Continuing Story is for those who recognize this and choose to have a keepsake from these precious days. One that will be a reminder of the magic when it's gone.

The Continuing Story is a 12-month exclusive VIP experience for parents who value investing in the magic moments they will never have again.

Membership Includes:

{4} 60-minute film and photo sessions throughout a 12-month period {one per quarter}

A 2 to 3-minute final film from each session

30 final digital lifestyle and posed images from each session

Consultations with Jen to ensure a stress-free experience

Surprise member only gifts

Exclusive artwork sales throughout the membership

Investment: $349 per month

12-month membership

Members Only Artwork Add-ons

5th Film; a heartfelt culmination of the year with voiceover from parents


8x10 or 10x10 hardcover professional-quality photo book {lay-flat pages}

$599 (non-member price $799)

8x10 or 10x10 heirloom 30-page storytelling album

$799 (non-member price $999)

40% off gift prints, archival prints and canvas for the life of your membership

I'm ready to join today!

Become a founding member of The Continuing Story and receive the 5th Film add-on as a gift. It's a beautiful culmination of the first films with the option to write a letter to your children.

($597 savings)

Offer ends December 31, 2022

First payment of $349 due at sign-up.  Membership will begin the month of your first payment.

Culmination film available to the first two founding members only.

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