Emerald Rue & Jen Martodam's Covid-19 Preparedness

Due to the 2019-present outbreak of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), Jen Martodam, Emerald Rue, and associates are taking extra precautions. The Studio's Covid-19 preparedness includes health history review and enhanced sanitation procedures in compliance with CDC guidance.

COVID-19 Symptoms include (but are not limited to)*:



Dry Cough

Difficulty Breathing

Runny nose and sore throat

Pre-Session Precautions

Prior to in-person interactions with clients, anyone associated with Emerald Rue refers to the following list to confirm health. The service contract also contains the list for review by the client prior to the session.

Client and Studio agree to the following:

• I understand the above symptoms.

• I affirm that I, as well as all household members

-do not currently have, nor have experienced the symptoms listed above within the last 14 days.

-within the past 14 days, have not been diagnosed with COVID-19.

-have not knowingly been exposed to anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 within the past 14 days.

-within the past 14-days, have not traveled outside of the country or to any city considered to be a “hot spot” for COVID-19 infections.

•Jen Martodam and Emerald Rue is not liable for any exposure to the COVID-19 virus caused by misinformation on this form or the health history provided by each client.

•The COVID-19 virus has a long incubation period. Carriers of the virus may not show any signs or symptoms and still be highly contagious. I understand Jen Martodam and Emerald Rue will take all precautions suggested for prevention but it may be impossible to determine who has it without present symptoms.

•I understand that should I test positive for COVID-19 positive within 14 days following my session, I will contact Studio to let them know of my diagnosis.

Sanitation Measures

Jen Martodam and associates of Emerald Rue are following these enhanced procedures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

• Sanitation of camera and other equipment prior to each session

• All Studio personnel will wear a mask upon request

• Policy to reschedule session should Studio personnel show symptoms of COVID-19 within 7 days prior to the session

Policy to contact client, should positive diagnosis of Covid-19 of  Studio personnel within 14 days following the session

*Please refer to the latest information on the CDC website for the most up to date symptoms and recommendations.



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