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Baby Elena || In-Home Newborn Session || Minneapolis

  • Jan 7, 2020

Thirty-Six Hours Fresh

Baby Elena’s life on Earth had just begun when I arrived at the family’s home. I was immediately surrounded by little Elias & Esther, curious about my camera and excited to introduce me to their baby sister. As I made my way to the master bedroom, where we’d be photographing, the loving hum from her mother, Ariel, could be heard.

Ariel is a doula; whose job is to help women through the journey of pregnancy and childbirth. She has a calm, patient, loving aura about her that makes her perfect for the work. Today, it was her turn to bask in feeling of overwhelming joy to be with the little one she’d known for 10 months but only recently been able to cradle in her arms.

Esther, Elias and father, Kennedy, joined us in the room. The children, still memorizing their sister’s nose, eyes, toes; curiously laid close and studied. Watching this family navigate their new normal and lovingly spend a morning together was such a privilege. Words cannot give justice to the beauty that was, so I’ll let the photos tell the rest.

Welcome to the world, Elena!

Elias sweetly touched her hands and toes the entire session.

The beautiful family of 5!

Daddy’s arms will protect her forever.

Elena is so greatly adored already!


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