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Elling Family Breakfast | In-home Lifestyle Film and Photography

  • Apr 7, 2020

Can I share with you why you’ll remember a film session more than any other day? It comes down to presence. You see, in order for a positive memory to imprint in our brains, it take at least 15-30 seconds of seeing and really being present. Often, we’re physically present but our minds are elsewhere. During a film session, the phones are away, the to-do list can wait and you’re THERE. Present and active and engaged. Your brain is imprinting the memory.

So let’s talk Sunday morning breakfast. It’s a family staple here in the Midwest. I have fond memories of going to church, then heading to my small town’s diner. It was my family’s time to connect, a time to be heard and a time to enjoy each other’s company (all pre-phone, so we really had to sit and be with each other!)

For the Elling family, the morning looks like jammies and pancakes. It’s the entire family in the kitchen, at the table. There’s dancing, signing and questions. And of course, there are sticky syrup kisses.

I know that February was two months ago and by the time you’re seeing this, in early April, these children have grown and changed. Bryson is talking more, Lyla is reading more and has new questions. However, these parents will have this keepsake and I can almost guarantee, these vivid memories from their perspective as well.

For more information on documenting your family’s time several occasions a year, see The Continuing Story.

The family enjoyed time making pancakes together.

The family sit down is so beautiful!