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Extended Family Holiday Cookie Baking | In-Home Lifestyle Film

  • Mar 12, 2019

Peanut butter, spritz, sugar, chocolate kiss, minty delights, what are your favorites? Because it’s Girl Scout cookies season and those cute little ladies smile and offer sugary goodness at the grocery checkout you may assume I’m referring to that. But I’m really talking holiday cookies.

I had the honor of joining an extended family while they held their yearly tradition of gathering, baking, decorating and catching up, over champagne of course. The reason 2018 was more special that most is not my story to tell. All of these women cherish each other and the time they have together.

There’s a progression as you watch the film beginning with Kimberly and her daughter Claire. When Claire was very little, the tradition to bake cookies began with the two of them. Year after year, more joined as the family grew.

I’m reminded of my own family videos from when I was a child. My mother and I watched a few this past Christmas and honestly, it was surreal to see myself as a child, talking and acting in certain ways that I don’t remember. Hearing my father comment from behind the camera. The added bonus was the laughs we had over the hairstyles and clothing!

My goal is to keep creating these archival glimpses into a time, so even though it’s gone, it’s not forgotten.

Cheers, friends.

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The family tradition started when Claire was a child and helped mother Kimberly cut the cherries.

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As the years progressed, Cate joined.

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Holiday Cookie Baking

Now, extended family is present for holiday baking, complete with socializing and champagne!

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The newest additions to the day are the littlest!

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