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Family Photo Session Clothing | Two Approaches

  • Jun 24, 2019

Family Photo Session Clothing Options

Two Approaches

Clients often ask me what to wear for a session. There are two family photo session clothing approaches:

  1. Coordinate & Plan
    Mom, it’s your time to shine! Choose an outfit you really like that makes you feel great. Consider the location of the session. For example, formal wear will feel out of place if the session is in your home. Then, find clothing for other members of the family that coordinate with your outfit. Neutrals are a solid base which will never date. Add pops of color! Avoid florescent clothing.
    For detailed information on coordinating clothing, see this article.
  2. Authentic
    For a completely authentic look, do as you would most days. First, let the kids pick their clothes, even if they don’t match. Next, dress yourself as you would on a normal day. An authentic approach will make for a beautiful look back a few years down the road.

If you’d like more information about how film and photo sessions work, get the complete Session Guide HERE.

Authentic Film

I filmed my family over Easter weekend in 2019. The film is an excellent example of the authentic approach to clothing. My nieces are independent ladies who insist on dressing themselves. In their little minds, it would be a waste play time taking off bike helmets at the park (so why make them?). The result is a film that my family will look back on and laugh and reminisce. Enjoy!

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