Emerald Rue

Fort Myers Beach | Shonka Family Vacation

  • Apr 2, 2019

Imagine you’re 6 months old on your first trip to the ocean. Little feet and hands discovering sand for the first time, you marvel at the texture. Inevitably, you try to put some in your mouth before mom & dad save you from a crunchy mess. Listening to the waves crashing on the shore, you wonder where the sound machine is that’s lulled you to sleep since birth.

Seeing the beautiful colors of the sunset, you observe everyone quietly staring out over the sea. The ocean waves touch your feet and eagerness to splash and play hit you. You wonder when the massive bathtub will clean you up.

Jack’s first vacation occurred earlier in February with his mom, dad, aunt, grandma & grandpa. Being the only little on vacation has its obvious perks: lots of snuggles, play time and attention.

Jack put on an adorable show, swimming in the pool, followed by a trip to the beach. For me, it was a great reminder to be in awe of the blessings we are given. Watch the face of a child if you want to see obvious, unwavering joy.

We can only assume what a 6 month old is really thinking and continue to follow the example of joy and bliss at life’s little moments. Cheers.