Emerald Rue

Tips for Your Image Gallery

Thank you for choosing Emerald Rue to tell your story.

Use these tips to help navigate your gallery.

Tip #1: Accessing

Access the gallery via the personalized link shared with in the gallery announcement email. You can also access Emerald Rue’s global gallery at this link: https://emeraldrue.instaproofs.com/gallery

A password was granted and shared in the gallery announcement. If you’ve misplaced your password, please email jen@emeraldrue.com .

Once you’ve entered the gallery, enter YOUR email address and the granted password. I suggest keeping “Opt-in to event notices” checked. You’ll get automated emails when your gallery is about to expire and be alerted of artwork sales. This is for gallery purposes only and does not add you to my newsletter email list.

Press “View Gallery”.


Tip #2: Navigating the Gallery

Once inside your gallery, you may see multiple categories displayed, especially if you’ve worked with Emerald Rue in the past. Choose a category and continue to the photo grid.

^^ Example of multiple categories ^^

Once at the photo grid, you’ll see options to “Play Video” (if your session included a video) and “Play Slideshow”. In the upper corner, icons allow you to Search, Go to Favorites, Go to Cart, Share Gallery, and access the Menu.

Click “Slideshow” or any individual image to enlarge it. Auto-play the slideshow or use the arrows to navigate through images. Depending on your session type, you may see options under the image to Add to Cart, Add to Favorites, Download, Variants (color or B&W) or Share (email, Facebook, etc,).


Tip #3: Purchasing or Downloading Digital Images

Depending on your session, you may have permission to download an entire gallery, a certain number of individual digital images or the opportunity to purchase.

If your session included ALL digital images, the option to download the entire gallery will appear in the top right corner. Alternatively, individual images may be downloaded by clicking the button below an image.

If your session included a limited number of digital images, the option to download individual images will appear below each photo.

Please note: once you click the download button for an individual image, it will instantly download and count toward your total. I suggest adding images to a favorites list first (click the heart) and choose from there.

The option to purchase additional digital images is always available by adding images to the cart to purchase.


Tip #4: Purchasing Artwork

Some sessions come with the ability to purchase artwork in the form of archival prints, gallery canvas or a keepsake album. Add an image to the cart to view options, choose sizes and complete an order.

Any purchased artwork will arrive to your doorstep in 2-4 weeks. A detailed order summary and receipt will be emailed instantly upon purchase.

For any additional questions, please contact jen@emeraldrue.com. Jen is always here to help! Thank you and enjoy your photos!



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