Emerald Rue

Hawley, MN Lifestyle Film | Marshall Family 2019

  • Jul 22, 2019

Perfect Summer Evenings

A perfect summer evening; it can take so many forms. A perfect Minnesota evening? Ask and you’d get a similar answer from ninety percent of us. 

Due to the nine months of the year we won’t even mention, we Minnesotans yearn for warmth, sun and unfrozen bodies of water. For me, it’s a sunset, a lake and time with family.

The Marshall family has it all built right in their backyard. They’ve ensured they get the most of their summer by living life where the odds are pretty great for the perfect evening.

I showed up to their beautiful, lakefront home, right as they were getting ready to head outside to play. The deep green trees, at their peak, filtered Mother Nature’s generous sunset.

It was an honor to be a fly on the wall to the conversations, giggles and moments shared. Breanne shared how meaningful it was going to be for her to be included in the memories when we chatted prior to the day. 

Mothers often become the documentarians of the family’s everyday. In turn, they show up infrequently in the photos. The goal quickly became not only document the family’s sacred time together, but give Breanne a glimpse into how wonderful of a mother she is. 

How lovingly she looks at her kids and husband. The way she puts the family first. She does it all without a second thought and with a smile.

The film turned out better than I could have imagined and I’m so happy to share this family with you! Enjoy!