Emerald Rue

Heller | Minneapolis Family Film | Summer 2020

  • Jul 20, 2020

When you’ve got a backyard like the Heller family, it’s easy to see why they spend the bulk of their time at that very place. It’s where Martin and the boys play baseball. Where the boys serve delicious sandbox meals to mom and dad. It’s the location of the recently updated patio and deck, where games are played, mallows roasted and relaxing occurs. The sun sets right in their backyard and from my experience, it’s breathtaking.

Emily and Martin want to remember the long summer days that they spent outside with their boys. They spend most of their time in the nearly one acre space so it made the perfect place for their film. The boys were energetic, silly and loved showing off their dinosaurs. I loved spending time with this family and I’m excited to share their world with you today!

The family loves spending time in their yard!

He’s got ups!! Nice going!

The boys showed off all their best toys.

S’mores are essential to a warm Minnesota summer evening.