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  • Feb 26, 2019

Help-Portrait Event 2019

What makes a leader? I view leaders as strong, confident people to whom the answers naturally come. People who walk with their heads high, posture stiff, and a no-bullshit attitude. Leaders are willing to do what they feel necessary even in tough situations. Help-Portrait, a yearly event to bless a group of people with photos, requires a strong leader.

Leader is not a word I’m comfortable with being associated with. My natural tendency is not to gravitate toward the traits of a leader. Being the center of attention makes me squirm. I’ve always felt more comfortable & effective in a supportive role. The consummate team player.

Stepping Up to Lead

Last month, however, I found myself in the position of planning an event. It involved leading a group of people ready and willing to help those in need. While wildly outside my comfort zone, the job felt necessary and the cause is one I’m passionate about.

Help-Portrait is a worldwide movement of photographers, volunteers, hair and makeup artists, and creative‘s. They give their talent, time & supplies to gift people who may not otherwise have a chance to get professional photographs. This year, our organization blessed active military & veterans with free sessions & prints, working mainly with the Wounded Warrior Project.

There was no wondering if our volunteer teams could handle the job, it was a given. Many are repeat volunteers, going back to the first Help-Portrait event held in Minneapolis 9 years ago. The kindness and compassion the volunteers showed to those we served are tenfold. Meaningful conversations and hugs were had between people who were complete strangers minutes before. Each year, I’m in awe of the caliber of volunteers our event attracts.

This year and for the past 3, I’ve taken the role of point-person for any fires that arose. I walked around, checking in with our bay teams, chatting with the families. The job also requires me to make bunny ears behind our photographers to get the children to laugh! I love this role because it gives me the opportunity to see the big picture of our event. Seeing this is magical and shows how truly special all of our volunteers and families are.

More Information About Help-Portrait

For more information on Help-Portrait or its founder, Jeremy Cowart, visit the website HERE. If you are interested in helping the local MN chapter next year, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at helpportrait.twincities@gmail.com.

To see the event featured on a local news station, click HERE.

If you are an organization that’d love to partner with our local chapter of Help-Portrait for an event, please email me at helpportrait.twincities@gmail.com.

Wounded Warrior Project, Help-Portrait event Twin Cities. Volunteers gather for instruction.

Me, giving a pep talk before we began! Photo by Stan Waldhauser.

Volunteers all hands in before the start of the Help-Portrait event.

Image by Stan Waldhauser.

Photographers setting up lights for the Help-Portrait event.

Picture by Stan Waldhauser

Wounded Warrior Project, Help-Portrait event Twin Cities. Volunteers make faces behind a photographer to help children smile.

It takes teamwork!! Photo by Stan Waldhauser

Wounded Warrior Project, Help-Portrait Twin Cities event.

Image by Stan Waldhauser

Volunteer man gets interviewed for the news.

Volunteer Cedric Dean speaks to the news. See the story HERE. Photo by Stan Waldhauser

Volunteers pose for a photo against a grey backdrop;

Long-time volunteers of the Twin Cities branch of Help-Portrait. Photo by Cedric Dean.