Lifestyle Portraits

Lifestyle photographs document the in-between. While posed and smiling photos have their place, lifestyle images convey emotion, show real-life moments and will make you smile.

A Chance to be Present

Emerald Rue's choice of offering lifestyle portraits holds a hidden gift to clients. It's a chance to truly be present with family. Phones go away and parents are given the opportunity to play, tickle, snuggle and so much more!

Scientists have found it takes 3 positive experiences to offset one negative one. To hold onto the positive memories, presence is necessary. This is your chance! Don't let the everyday importance of these precious years pass you by!

The Ease of Lifestyle Portraits

Most moms end up being the one who prepares the entire family for a photo session, including herself/themselves! It's a stressful experience instead of an enjoyable one. With lifestyle portraits, the stress is lifted with the expectations of perfection. The approach is less pose-an-smile and more documentary.

As you'll find, if the session takes place in the home, I don't expect clients to even clean. Anything in the way can be moved. Dust and dirt are less noticeable than the client thinks and won't show up in the images.

Beyond this, I don't ask the kids to perform so they forget I am there. This leads to authentic smiles smiles, actions and kids being themselves, instead of cheesy smiling versions.

I'd LOVE lifestyle portraits of my family!


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