Photography Tips for Beginners | Summer Photo Edition

  • May 29, 2019

Photography Tips for Beginners | Summer Edition

Moms, the end of school is near and that means summer!! Yahoo! Right now, the next three months stretch infinitely in front of you…but it’ll fly by in an instant. Remember the blur that was last summer? The blur is coming for you again! So, today I’m sharing photography tips for beginners to help you document those days that are so precious.

1. Play with Your Kids

Want the best smiles? All kids want is for someone to play with them, especially you. Take the time to sit on the floor and play a bit. This puts you up close and in the action (hello, kid lashes front and center!). Run through the sprinkler with them, jump on the trampoline, whatever – just get in the action!

Mother and father playing with 6 month old in pool. Photography tips for beginners.
Daughter splashing dad in the ocean

2. Everyday Moments

Have a day off with your kids? Use it as an opportunity to chronicle the everyday. Morning, breakfast, playtime, walks, the park, dinner – you don’t have to plan extravagant activities for photos. There is so much beauty in your everyday. Remember not every image needs to include “look and smile” type shots.

If this overwhelms you, pick one time you want to remember. Maybe focus just on the family walk in the evening. Keep it simple.

Please know I’m always here if you’d prefer someone else come in to take the photos and film. I’m here to serve so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Photography tips for beginners. Girl with milk mustache.

3. Set Reminders

Take 10 minutes to look at your calendar and find the events that you know the family will be together and would make superb photo ops. Do you have a wedding to attend? Planning a trip to the beach or zoo?

After you’ve identified the dates, take a moment and set up a reminder in your phone. Make sure to set a notification via sound & pop up message for the specified date and time you’ll be in the middle of said event. It can be a message as simple as “Remember to snap a family group shot!” or “Get a pic with the kids and bride!” or whatever.

When the day arrives, it’ll be front of mind. Once it pops up, don’t hesitate! Get the photos as soon as possible!

4. Designate a Photographer

If adding one more thing to your plate overwhelms you, delegate. Do you have a child old enough to be in charge of taking the photos? We gave my 5 year old niece the camera at a Twins game recently and she got so many fun action shots of us all cheering!

Kids love cameras and will likely capture some perspectives you wouldn’t have thought of. Give them your phone for a set amount of time. Remember that point-and-shoot you brought everywhere before you had a phone? Dust that baby off and let your child have it.

The beauty of digital is you don’t have to spend money on developing the 75% that likely are throw-aways.

Warning: your kids will overshoot and you’ll have LOTS of throwaways. But you’ll end up with lots of keepers as well.

5. Wait for the Light

The best time to shoot is when the light is not directly overhead like mid-day (enter raccoon eyes). Early morning and hours prior to sunset are the best times to get that dreamy, directional, glowing light. Place the sun behind your subject for a glowey feel or directly in the sun for a warm spotlight effect.

However, I understand there are bedtimes and other restrictions, so if necessary, don’t worry about the light and focus more on the composition and the fact that you’re documenting!

Girl riding scooter through neighborhood
Back-lit gives your image a glowy feeling. Might even catch a sun flare!
baby and parents feet in the sand and ocean
At sunset, directly facing the sun will give a spotlight effect.

I’d LOVE to see what you document so I can comment & encourage! Use #EmeraldRueTips on social media.

Enjoy your summer!!


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