Emerald Rue

Przytarski Family | Lake Elmo Park Reserve

  • Oct 7, 2018

Let the kids be kids. When a caterpillar is found, you best believe the boys take turns holding it. When you ask them to walk and they full on run, you go with it! My philosophy with family photos is this; we get the holiday-card style images taken immediately, then we let the kids go.

My favorite images always occur in the later, case in point, these three, energy-filled cuties. Brothers whose main goal is to wrestle with the other. From my outsider’s point-of-view, (I’m sure their parents feel different!) it was hilarious and enduring to see the huge smiles and endless giggles these boys have when they play, tackle each other or run full-force dragging the others behind. There’s a beauty in children at play!

By the end of their session, they were covered in dew, grass, dirt and I wouldn’t want it any other way! They had fun and we managed to get some smiles and moments in-between.