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Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt | Things to Do!

  • Jun 17, 2019

In a Perfect World….

School is out, summer has started and the kids are self-motivated with engaging activities and constantly outside!

Wait…that’s not what the kids are doing? They want to play Minecraft for 8 hours straight? Oh, right, they’re already bored and it’s only June. Perhaps they’re driving you nuts…it’s ok to admit it!

What to Do About It

I’ve created a series of Summer Photo Scavenger Hunts to occupy time in a creative way. Starting today, I’m releasing the first. Each will follow a theme and help your kids hone their photo-taking skills.

Children love cameras and will likely capture some perspectives you wouldn’t have.

Give them your phone or the iPad for a set amount of time. Remember that point-and-shoot you brought everywhere in 2003? Dust that baby off and let your child have it.

Really want to go crazy? Dig out your old film camera and explain that concept to their digital wired minds!

Time to Create

If your child can read, just hand over a printed copy of the scavenger hunt (download all below) and let ’em loose! Encourage them to take their time on each and try a few different shots.

The beauty of digital is you don’t have to spend money on developing the 75% that likely are throw-aways.

Warning: your kids will overshoot and you’ll have LOTS of throwaways. But you’ll end up with lots of keepers as well. Plus, summer will be documented from the perspective of the one summer was created for.

This can be as simple or advanced as you’d like. If your child is small, just have them snap the photos. If your child is elementary or middle school aged, extend the activity.

Additional Ideas:

  1. Create a folder on the computer or an album on your phone of their favorites. Have them choose ONE image from each idea to keep instead of five of the same shot.
  2. Print favorites to decorate a room, board or notebook.
  3. Challenge children to create a poem or story around a favorite image.
  4. Create a physical album with prints.
  5. Start an online book that can be printed at the end of the summer (think Shutterfly) and let the kids design the pages each week after they take the photos. Challenge them to write captions and date each week. The result will show progress as well as an archive of their summer!
  6. Do the Scavenger Hunt a second time but choose new items.


  1. Esha

    June 19, 2019

    Such lovely and wonderful ideas

  2. waynemoraninc

    June 19, 2019

    So wonderfully fun, great ideas!!

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