Emerald Rue

What to Expect

Emerald Rue_InHomeSession-6

I create films and images that are meaningful and show the vulnerability and raw emotion that all humans possess.

My goal is to observe you as I see and remind you how beautiful your life is. I want to portray the human connection I’ve spent my life observing.

In order to do this, I’m going to ask to you be vulnerable. You must know, I won’t judge you or your family for showing emotion. If you are moved to tears, please let them flow. If your child has a meltdown, let it happen. Love up on your kids and don’t be afraid to kiss your significant other. I may ask you questions that evoke feelings. Be honest and let the feelings rise to the surface – it will make for the most powerful images and likely your favorites.

Let’s move on to the logistics. Before your session, we’ll schedule a Zoom call (both mom and dad should be present). We’ll create a framework for the session. It’s helpful to add in some special activities to get your kids excited.

On the day of the session, I will arrive at your home (or meet you at a chosen location) and take a few minutes to get to acquainted. From there, you will go about doing the activities planned. I will simply document them as they happen, both in motion picture and stills. I may ask you questions or give you light direction, but for the most part, it’ll be authentically your family the way you always see it.