Woodbury In-Home Family Photography | Elling Family 2019

  • May 1, 2019

Woodbury, MN, In-Home Family Photography

Ryan and Courtney have been clients for years and I absolutely have loved seeing their family grow. We celebrated Bryson turning 6 months old by doing an in-home family photography and film session at their Woodbury house. After delivering the images and moving portrait, Courtney and I were chatting.

We talked about how just last summer they had their first family film and lifestyle photos experience. Lyla was 4 years old and Courtney was pregnant. She said, “It really does go faster when you have 2 kids vs 1. I’ve never felt like I wanted time to slow down more than I do right now.”

Courtney went on to say, “That’s why I love what you’re capturing for us. When I look at {the films & photos} now they are special but I know they will only become more special over time! I love that you got his noises and her little voice, too!”

I was elated because she had hit the nail right on the head. She understood. My entire goal with these films is for families to realize there is never a perfect time and the madness today will be a treasured memory a year from now.

I know this won’t be the last time I work with Ryan, Courtney and family. It’ll be such an adventure watching the family grow up!

The Continuing Story

This film is part of a series of films called, The Continuing Story. The Elling family chose to invest for one year into family films each quarter to document and entire year of life. You find out more about this process and see the rest of the films from that year on this page.

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