Family Photos at Sunset | Zimmerman Family 2019

  • Apr 22, 2020

Sisters. I always wanted a sister (not that my two brothers aren’t awesome). That one person you simultaneously love and hate, share a glance and know each other’s thoughts, and can tell your deepest secrets. During these family photos at sunset, I was honored to watch two sisters do just that.

The Zimmerman sisters are full of giggles, and the occasional sideways glance. Deep down, it’s obvious they adore each other and will be best friends for life.

Dani was our comedian, helping everyone achieve genuine smiles during the family’s Sunset Session. Gabi assisted me in finding the best spots for photos. Let me tell you, there’s something about living just outside the city. It’s quiet, picturesque and a place where kids can run free and be kids. The Zimmerman family showed me around their neighborhood and we found all the best light!

One part of my job I love is delivering a film and a photo gallery. From Molly after she opened her gallery, Omg…thank you so much for all the great images. I am STRUGGLING – there are so many good ones to choose from!!! 

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Portraits of two adolescent girls during family photos at sunset.

Loving the fall sun peeking through onto these beautiful girls.

Family of four links arms and walks across bridge during family photos at sunsetClose up of family of four walking across a bridge during family photos at sunset

Two sisters looking at each other, giggling.

These sisters giggled the entire time!

Two adolescent girls with each parent during family photos at sunset.

A family of four sits in the grass and hugs at sunset.

The most beautiful light occurred this fall evening!

Family of four laughs and talks while posing in a field during a family session at sunset.Two adolescent girls sitting together on a blanket in a field during sunset.