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Minneapolis Family Film | Kozisek Family

September 08, 20211 min read

Minneapolis Family Film by Lake Nokomis

Bree contacted me about a family film in August and stated that she had really loved the summer her family had just experienced in Minneapolis. The kids were at an age she adored and she wanted to remember how they’d spent their summer days before school started. She decided a Minneapolis Family Film at their home and near Lake Nokomis was needed.

The family invested in a VW van, complete with mini-kitchen and sleeping areas. Their summer was spent driving to explore and camp. Bree wanted to capture the essence of being wild and free in their film. We decided to venture to Lake Nokomis, where the family enjoyed many summer evenings.

It was such an honor to witness this sweet family together. Watching Julia draw and Ben tell jokes. Watching Bree run her hand through their hair as they talked. Seeing David play and joke with the kids.

My words can’t do justice to the magic that happened, so I’ll let the Minneapolis family film do the talking.

PS: For more information on family films, contact me!

Girl draws at table during Minneapolis family film session.

Julia loves to draw mermaids!

Father cooks dinner for his family.Boy picks flowers in bushes from Minneapolis home.Family eats dinner in their yard.

This outdoor table to eat as a family is divine.

VW Van converted to a livable space for Minneapolis family.

The family's VW van is converted to a livable space.

Couple in front of van posing during Minneapolis family film.Mother and daughter piggyback ride at Minneapolis park.Family poses in front of Minneapolis lake during a family film session.Family walks to lake to swim.Family prepares to swim in Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis for family film.Boy thrown in air in Lake Nokomis at sunset.

The perfect image to describe summer.

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