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Midwest Family Videography | Easy Family Mornings

November 26, 20192 min read

Midwest Family Videography

The funny thing about expectation is that you can look back on what you always pictured for your life and it'll look completely different. And you are 100% grateful for this. Just take a peek at this Midwest family videography session to see this in action.

During their Sunday ritual of waking slowly and enjoying pancakes together, the R family played the "Would you rather" game.  It came up that mother, Monica, was once more interested in city, condo living than cozy, Midwest country-home living. Now, the backyard is something she'd never give up. Having two girls, both under ten years old, that yard and the extra space have become favorite spots for the family to feel joy.

"I Want to Feel the Joy..."

Monica and Joe described this season of life as simple, and joyful, during our video pre-session call. This family is genuinely happy just being together. Scarlett and Kinsley love playing outside, climbing trees, or running around with Winnie, the family dog. Snuggles, drawings, games, and bonfires are staples in their home.

What will the film mean to this family years down the road of life? Everything. True giggles, little hands, and feet missing all becomes engrained in the every day and we forget to remember. God willing, children grow up and form their ideals about the future. Whether the ideals stick is yet to be seen, but the reminder of the joy can be owned through the lens of a camera. That, my friends, is pure magic.

To chat about having your family videography session, whether you reside in the Midwest or beyond, contact Jen.

Monica is a fantastic resource on all things style, living, and faith. She can be found on the WEB, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, and PINTEREST.

Monica's Robe: De Nova
Monica's Dress:
Zesica on Amazon
Girls' Pajamas:
Long John Pajamas

Midwest family eats breakfast during a videography session.

The family loves slow mornings with breakfast and games!

Family at breakfast, focus on two daughters eating strawberries.Feet of girl sitting on a bench.Young girl holds strawberries in front of her eyes.Woman with pink robe holds coffee mug.

Monica's beautiful robe is by De Nova. Snag your own <a href="">HERE.</a>

Two girls and mother sit together on a chair snuggling.Mother and daughters sit in chair during Midwest Family Videography session.Family of four and dog sit on couch and snuggle laughing.Family stands near fence of horse pen.Little girl stands near family and horse, hugging it.Little girl smiles at camera near horse pen.Young girl hugs horse.Couple stands near horses posing for photo.Family pets horse.Family poses in front of horses for family photo.

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