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Summer Family Video | Lake Eunice, MN

July 08, 20222 min read

Summer Family Video

The Schneider Family

Sometimes, you’re blessed with amazing neighbors. When I was 10, my family bought a tiny cabin on Lake Eunice in northwest Minnesota. Our neighbors, the Schneider’s, have been those amazing neighbors ever since. They are multiple families that come together to share a beautiful summer home.

Even as our tiny cabin morphed into a large home over the years, the one constant was the kindness and generosity of the Schneiders. 

Over the next thirty years, as my brothers and I grew, so did the kids that frequented their home. We grew up but some things never changed. The Schneider’s have always loved to pack the pontoon and take sunset cruises. They love to sing (and they are good!) by the fire and they put on the best fireworks show on the 4th. They’re there when you need an egg or to borrow a shovel. 

One of the best traditions they have is on the Fourth of July. The extended family arrives at the cabin to celebrate. They eat and play games and the kids swim all day. There’s also a tradition of festive Old Navy shirts. Each year, there’s a group photo of everyone in that year’s new design. They’ve done this since the last 1990s. I just love that!

The best part, as you’ll hear them say in this summer family video, is being together, seeing each other, and enjoying a feast fit for royalty. 

Scroll past the video to see each summer's 4th of July Old Navy image, graciously provided by the family!


Old Navy Through the Years

I love this tradition of Old Navy t-shirts every single year! What a fun way to see the changes a family goes through. The image at the top is from the year 2021.

Large family poses for summer family photo during video.

Summer 2020

Summer 2019 Family photo.

Summer 2019

Large family photo. summer family video.

Summer 2018

Large family photo near the beach.

Summer 2017

Family photo during summer.

Summer 2016

Large family photo extended family.

Summer 2013

Extended family photo during the summer.

Summer 2012

Summer extended family photo.

Summer 2011

Fourth of July family photos.

Summer 2010

Extended family fourth of July celebration.

Summer 2009

Fourth of July 2008 Old Navy

Summer 2008

Summer Family Video 2003

Summer 2003

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