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Session Minnesota Landscape Arboretum | Gunderson Family

October 17, 20181 min read

Session at Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Sometimes, you don't get a sunset. Instead, you get drizzled on for an hour! Sometimes, though, you have amazing clients who go with it! Cody, Natalie, and Avery enjoyed playing and exploring the grounds of the MN Landscape Arboretum during our session. Little Avery is so full of life and loves to run, kiss Mom and Dad, and make goofy faces. She was excited to be looking at the trees and pinecones.

Despite the rain, the fall colors were at their peak on this day. There was one tree in particular at the Arboretum whose leaves were bright yellow. The tree was huge and full. The vegetables in the garden area were ready to be harvested and little Avery loved naming all the produce with her dad.

Don't forget to watch their moving portrait above! To see the Gunderson family's Sunset Session the following year, in 2019, click here.

Inquire about having your sunset session at Minnesota Landscape Arboretum by contacting Jen today.

Music by Uncleboris from Fugue

Family at photo session at Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.Session at Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Mother kisses daughters forehead.Family poses in front of yellow tree. MN Landscape ArboretumLittle girl looks up to camera smiling. Sitting in grass.Little girl holds hand to mouth as she laughs.Family poses for photo at Minnesota Landscape Arboretum session.

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