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5 Tips for Using a Branding Film on a Website

June 13, 20222 min read

Using a Small Business Branding Film on your Website | Top 5 Tips

5 Tips for using a branding film on a website. Woman sits at table with laptop.

Which Page Should the Film Be On?

1. Homepage

Having a branding film on the homepage is a great option to leave an impression. Most first-time users will land on the homepage first. A homepage brand video can help improve web visitor engagement, improve SEO rankings, and strengthen sales conversions. It also allows the viewer to see the brand's 'personality' before diving deeper into the website.

2. The FAQ Page

The Info or FAQ Page is another fantastic place for your brand film to be located. Because a brand film says so much about a company, what better way to portray information to the viewer? In a video-conditioned world, it's more likely a website visitor will watch to get the info than to read a huge page full of text. It is recommended, however, to follow the video with some text, to further facts and topics the viewer could be interested in. Having these two components together on one page is fool proof!

3. A Blog Page

Another valuable place to host a brand film is on a blog page. A video can help with the organic traffic the blog already drives by adding a visual aid. Hearing the voices or seeing the faces of people behind the scenes adds a personal connection that may not be possible through text alone. It can be comforting for a viewer who may not know much about the brand yet.

How to Format a Video on a Website

1. Placement

The goal of having a branding video is for it to be viewed, right? It should be highly visible in order to receive the most views. Placing the branding film at the top of the page is best practice. It is a perfect way to hold on to your audience just a little longer to learn what you're all about.

2. Size

The size of a branding film on a website is important to get the maximum amount of viewers. It should be large enough that a users eyes are drawn directly to it. One option is to make the film stretch from the left side all the way to the right. A smaller video can still be effective if there's not too much distraction around it. Avoid putting text or images directly beside the video so the viewer only has one object to focus on.

While these tips are helpful, they are not the only way to use a branding film on a website. Check out additional tips regarding this subject in the Reels page on Emerald Rue's Instagram!

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