Minnesota Family Film | Bedore Family Moves Homes

  • Jun 22, 2021

On the Move

Does a home have more value to a person once they know they are leaving it forever? I think it does. As with many things in life, we don’t know what we have until it’s gone. Cue the value of a Minnesota family film.

The Bedore family knows the value of the sacred space they’ve called home for many years in Little Canada, MN. It’s where Mickeli & Allison welcomed their kids into the family. Where neighbors became friends. The place where the heaven of summer on a lake could be found across the street from their front yard. They even coined the shore, Bedore Beach.

However, the Bedore family are self-proclaimed adventurers. They have cherished the current adventure and are ready for the next. That being Whitefish, Montana, where mountains will replace the lake and where wide open space will replace the hustle and bustle of life near a city.

A Minnesota –> Montana Family Film

About a month before they were set to move, I was given the honor of filming them one last time so they could remember the home and the memories made there.

The night was warm and the light was beautiful as the family made the rounds through their backyard. First, they jumped on the trampoline. Then, I followed them over to their shed pub, complete with bar signs, darts and an atmosphere of fun. Next, the entire family found a swing and the set almost fell over!

Lastly, the kids played at the beach and tested the cold pre-summer water.  The kids enjoyed a snack, as Mickeli and Allison sang a song. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful evening, but I’ll let the film tell the rest of the story.

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Minnesota family poses near their home.

The Bedore’s home was right on the lake!

Father and daughter laugh and jump on a trampoline. Minnesota family plays on trampoline during family film.Young girl and young boy portraits.Minnesota father plays guitar to his family near a lake.