Emerald Rue

Little Canada, MN Family Film | Bedore Family

  • Jun 4, 2019

If I were to describe my dream client, the Bedore family would be it. Mickeli & Allison are a true power couple in the business world, founding and running BeBG, a business development company successfully for many years.

The Bedores have two beautiful children who they raise in a gorgeous home in Little Canada. The real reason, however, that they are my dream client is the fact that they are genuine, kind, honest people.  I can tell that their values align with making the world a better place while working hard. They are quite literally, living the American dream.

A blast to shoot, the Bedore family dynamic is lovely and did I mention they sing together? It made for the best opening to the film and I hope it’s a memory that they will treasure.

Family films are such a unique experience each time and I fall more in love with them every day. I truly believe this is my calling and I’m so honored to be welcomed into a family’s sacred space.