Mother and Daughter Photoshoot | Courtney & Lyla | Bea Hive Farm 2019

  • Oct 1, 2019

Mother and Daughter Photoshoot

Throughout life, milestones flag our existence. One of much importance is the transition to school as a child. Lyla’s first year of school, kindergarten to be exact, started in September 2019. A mother and daughter photoshoot was the best way for this pair to celebrate.

Transitions can be exciting but also scary and sometimes difficult. Courtney, Lyla’s mom, is amazing. She knows the importance that individual attention plays in the life of a child and makes it a priority. With the big kindergarten transition, Courtney recognized an opportunity to get some quality time with Lyla in the books.

Courtney & Lyla spent the day playing mini-golf and enjoying lunch together. They arrived at gorgeous Bea Hive Farm, the location of their sunset session, ready to explore and get to know some animals. 

Let It Go!

I’ve been photographing this family since Lyla was just a bump so I know how special she is. She is energetic, bubbly, curious, strong willed, independent and has the best laugh you’ve heard.

She arrived, dressed in her outfit of choice, pink unicorn shorts & shirt, a pink cowboy hat and pink boots.  I love that kids dress how they feel. They have no notion of what fashion dictates acceptable. Kids look at a pair of pink boots and say, yep, those feel right. They unapologetically go for it and own it.

Courtney recognized that Lyla won’t dress like this for much longer and she wanted to remember it. She let perfection go and allowed the pink, child-chosen outfit to be the star at the beginning of the mother and daughter session. You all know my stance on clothing for photography; wear what makes you feel good. Let me tell you, Lyla owned that outfit & she felt bold!

I adored being able to watch these two fall into their natural stride as mother and daughter. These are times that deserve documenting. Much love to Court & Ly!

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Girl climbs fence while horse looks on.

Lyla in all her pink glory, chatting with the horses.

Mother and daughter photoshoot sitting by white fence in tall grass.Mother and daughter walk down a road holding hands.Mother and daughter photoshoot in the tall field of hay.Mother and daughter photoshoot in the sunset.