Bea Hive Farm Photography | Daum Family 2019

  • Oct 22, 2019

Did you know, the dream of any photographer is to have their own space to photograph. For some, it’s a studio. Others prefer a room in their home, dedicated to portraits. Tracie, of Tracie Bea Photographie, bought a farmstead and it’s called Bea Hive Farm. Photography at the farm is so fun! 

Moving from the urban hustle to the wide-open quiet of rural Minnesota required bravery and a little blind hope.  Tracie, her husband, and their three kids welcomed two horses, a pig, several ducks, geese & chickens, cats, and a rooster to the farm. 

During the session, I asked Tracie how she knew to care for animals. She told me they just figured it out and had never lived on a farm. (I love that attitude!)

Tracie’s goal for our session was to document the children running the farm through daily chores and to update the artwork on her walls. 

Back to the photographer’s dream space, this farm is it. I was in photographer’s heaven with the beautiful structures, sprawling prairies, abundant trees, and sunset down a long desolate road! See more of this gorgeous farm by visiting the Gunderson family’s post. Also, see this special mother and daughter session.

Tracie is kind enough to rent out her dream space to fellow photographers looking for it all. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to shoot at Bea Hive Farm. If you’re a photographer, I highly recommend renting it!

Do you see Bea Hive Farm photography in your future? Contact me and let’s get the conversation started!

Photograph of the barn at Bea Hive Farm.

Can you spot a little farm helper?

Young girl feeds her pig during Bea Hive Farm photography session.

For the love of pigs, this is gorgeous!

Mother and daughter wrangle horses.

Tracie and her daughter care for the horses every day.

Boy finds cat tails near pond at Bea Hive Farm. photography

There are endless different backdrops to photograph at Bea Hive Farm.

Woman looks up at her horse at Bea Hive Farm photogarphy.Family standing near the trees with two horses as the sunset shines through.