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Severson Family | Summer 2020 | Full Family Film

  • Sep 15, 2020

“Freddie is just like Brett,” Steph warmly said on our pre-session consultation phone call. “He’s so smily. Scarlett loves to wake him up from his nap and boop him on the nose.”

These small details are what help make family films so precious. Steph and Brett welcomed little Freddy into their home earlier in 2020 and it was time to continue to tell the story through films and photos. I’ve had the pleasure of working with them twice in the past and I just LOVE seeing the progression. (I’ll link the other posts below so you can experience it too!)

Their Edina, MN, home created the perfect backdrop as Scarlett showed me the best hiding spots for her treasures. As Freddie woke from nap, we headed to a nearby pond where the family spends time relaxing and skipping rocks.

Congratulations, Severson family, on the newest addition to your family!

Severson Family | Fall 2019